Creative Arts

Expressive & Creative Arts

For many people, finding a creative outlet can enhance the quality of their lives, and improve their overall mental and emotional well-being. We will offer a variety of opportunities to that will minister to the needs of the participants.

Matters of the Heart Event

Our Course Offering:

Food Preparation and Culinary Arts – The success of cooking shows is proof enough that a great number of people share an interest in the culinary arts. The Well provides hands-on classes to help students learn and improve their cooking skills

Quilting and Sewing – Studies have shown that quilting can improve and help cognitive, creative and emotional well-being. Additionally, quilts can be donated to for various ciris programs for those in need.

Dance – Not only is this a beautiful form of worship, it serves as an excellent way to exercise. Women of all ages benefit from the joy of learning to dance as part of The Well’s programs.

Music – When you sing from the heart, healing takes place not only for that individual, but for those who listen. The Well aims to provide spiritual connection for people through the power of music.

Poetry – The importance of poetry could not be more clearly exhibited than in the book of Psalms. The healing use of words to express your innermost thoughts is timeless.

Painting and Drawing – Painting and Drawing allows you to relax and put your mind at ease. The Well will hold coffee and canvas parties to foster an atmosphere of bonding and fellowship.

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